Junior Achievement

Shaping the Future

Junior Achievement uses hands on experiences to shape the lives of young people and open their eyes to future success. JA is the world's largest and fastest growing volunteer-driven, non-profit economic education organization. Our programs are taught by classroom volunteer from the business community in your area, across America, and in over 113 countries. JA of Southeastern PA impacts the lives of over 21,000 students each year in Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lehigh, Montgomery, Northampton, and Philadelphia counties, in 110 schools, and with 704 teachers!


A part of JA’s uniqueness is the range of programs at all age, skill and socio-economic levels. Each program has been created by educators and tested repeatedly. Each features best practices in child and youth learning.

Corporate partners can select a program that fits their focus and goals, whether it’s improving life skills and learning outcomes to assist the community; creating a better-prepared workforce; exposing students to the wealth of job opportunities and the education needed to achieve these; fostering entrepreneurial spirit, or developing a global understanding of economic health, JA has the program and the proven expertise.

JA programs help prepare young people for the real world by showing them how to generate wealth and effectively manage it, how to create jobs which make their communities more robust, and how to apply entrepreneurial thinking to the workplace. Students put these lessons into action and learn the value of contributing to their communities. With JA, Corporate Sponsorship produces huge returns!

Building Blocks for Success

JA Ourselves®JA Ourselves uses storybook characters in read-aloud and hands-on activities to introduce the roles people play in an economy. Through engaging, volunteer-led activities, young students learn about individual choices, money, the importance of saving and giving, and the value of work. (Kindergarten)

JA Our Families®JA Our Families explains how family members' jobs and businesses contribute to the well-being of the family and of the community. The program introduces the concept of needs and wants and explores the ways families plan for and acquire goods and services. Students analyze their own skills to determine ways they can support their families. (Grade 1)

JA Our Community®JA Our Community uses posters and games to offer practical information about businesses and the many jobs those businesses offer in a community. Students explore production methods through a simulation game, and they learn about taxes, decision making, and how money flows in an economy. (Grade 2)

JA Our City®JA Our City introduces students to the characteristics of cities and how cities are shaped by zoning. Students also learn about the importance of money to a city; how financial institutions help businesses and city residents; and how the media is an integral part of a city's life. Students learn the role of an entrepreneur by exploring what it takes to open a restaurant. (Grade 3)

JA Our Region®JA Our Region introduces students to entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurs use resources to produce goods and services in a region. Students operate a hypothetical hot dog stand to understand the fundamental tasks performed by a business owner and to see how money comes into and goes out of a business. (Grade 4)

JA More than Money®JA More than Money teaches students about earning, spending, sharing, and saving money. It also identifies businesses that students can start or jobs they can perform to earn money. Students play a game to learn money-management skills and to better understand the role and importance of money in their lives. (Grades 3-5)


95% of Teachers report that students who participate in JA have a better understanding of how the real world operates.

JA It's My Business!®JA It's My Business! encourages students to use critical thinking to learn entrepreneurial skills. Those skills include knowing customers' wants and needs, launching effective marketing, and creating detailed business plans. By examining the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, students learn that a belief in one's self can make positive things happen in life. (Grades 6-8)

JA It's My Future®JA It’s My Future provides practical information about preparing for the working world. Students learn about career clusters, high-growth jobs, career planning, and creating a personal brand. And, through a scavenger hunt, they are introduced to the basic aspects of job hunting. (Grades 6-8)


8 out of 10 Students report that JA Programs helped reinforce the importance of staying in school.

JA Global Marketplace®JA Global Marketplace takes students on a spin around the world. Students learn the products they use every day, like their backpacks and sneakers, might use raw material from one country, be assembled in another, and sold from Peking to Chicago. The program helps students understand how goods flow through various economies and the effect globalization has on their lives. (Grades 6-8)

JA Finance Park®JA Finance Park is a month-long program that introduces students to personal financial planning and career exploration. At the culmination of this teacher-led program, students visit JA Finance Park, a realistic on-site or virtual community, to put into practice what they've learned by developing and committing to a personal budget. (Middle School and High School)

JA Titan®JA Titan allows students to operate a virtual company through a Web-based simulation. The students' success depends on decisions about their product's price and their company's marketing, research and development, and business practices. Win or lose, students gain an understanding of how management decisions affect a company's bottom line. (Grades 9-12)


86% of JA Alumni say they have the skills to start their own business, as compared to 41% of non-JA respondents.

JA Personal Finance ® - Blended ModelJA Personal Finance-Blended Model demonstrates the relationship between financial decisions made now and future financial freedom and quality of life. Students learn that a positive financial future requires making smart choices about education, a career, and saving and investing. (Grades 9-12)

JA Be Entrepreneurial®JA Be Entrepreneurial challenges students, through interactive classroom activities, to start their own entrepreneurial venture while still in high school. The program provides useful, practical content to assist teens in the transition from being students to productive, contributing members of society. (Grades 9-12)

Corporations can sponsor a program, school, series of classes, or built an adopted school continuum to maximize impact’

Employee Engagement and Sponsor Recognition Opportunities

Corporate employees play key roles in JA initiatives—as volunteers, mentors, teachers and role models. The opportunities for Employee engagement are prolific—and depend primarily on the amount of time the corporation or employee can commit.

Corporate Sponsorship recognition includes:

  • Corporate name linked to the Program title … presented by “ “
  • Name, Logo, QR code and social media connectors featured on all handouts and materials
  • Corporate name, logo with hyperlink, QR code and social media connectors featured on the JA website and in media releases
  • Corporate name, logo with hyperlink, QR code and social media connectors featured at the annual and consistently sold-out JA Business Hall of Fame Event