The World Affairs Council

Global Citizenship

Compelling Value Proposition

Companies operating in the international marketplace need young employees who have “global knowledge” -- leaders and staff who are well informed about geopolitical intersections, social mores and the US role in this seething arena. The Mission of the World Affairs Club is to create those “global citizens” by providing the vital knowledge base and unbiased, nonpartisan exposure to thought leaders and policy makers from across the spectrum.


Corporate Membership with the World Affairs Council provides corporate affiliates and business leaders with:

  • A vibrant platform to increase and leverage their organization’s visibility, outreach and influence. Corporate clients and colleagues alike can meet, hear and question national and international decision makers in timely, intimate settings such as private briefings and roundtable dinners. Corporate Sponsorship of Speaker Events provides exceptional visibility in the regional community, while enhancing the company’s image as a responsible, informed corporate citizen.

Additionally, corporate leadership can leverage premier podium roles introducing the speakers as well as unique opportunities for “insider’s view” conversations during the roundtable dinners.

  • Events and Programs that provide global-focused professional development, fostering that “global-knowledge” in leadership, employees and staff. Membership also provides opportunities to network professionally within a dynamic, internationally-minded group that includes civic and business leaders in our region.
  • A high impact vehicle for Client cultivation. Corporate membership facilitates opportunities to host business contacts within an influential, internationally-minded group. It showcases the corporation’s dedication to making its voice heard in our leading public policy forum, and its commitment to remaining informed, curious, engaged, charitable, and globally knowledgeable.

Added Value

The Global Leadership Institute (GLI) is a special value-added service for corporate members, an effective way to help develop corporate protégés into well-rounded, knowledgeable, internationally-competitive professionals. Directors and corporate members identify rising stars within their companies or their clients’ companies to participate in a year-long (Jan.-Dec.) program that engages successor leadership in a substantive series of events that focus on networking, community service, and leadership development.


The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization dedicated to informing and engaging people of all ages on matters of national and international significance. The Council provides its members and the greater Philadelphia community with access to influential figures in the global arena, through timely and informative Speaker Events featuring some of the world’s most influential leaders and experts. Participants gain firsthand insight into the most critical issues of the day while having the opportunity to meet and interact with the people who shape our world.

Key Impacts

  • A better-informed regional citizenry, with better awareness of a corporation’s “good citizenship”
  • Access to cutting-edge thought leadership for all corporate constituencies
  • Exceptional “insider” experiences for corporate clientele
  • Outstanding professional development for employees

Opportunities for Employee Engagement and Sponsor Recognition

These are numerous opportunities for employee engagement and corporate recognition which can be tailored to meet the corporation’s goals. Several include:

  • Employees gain access to a broad range of Speaker events and programs
  • Sponsors are recognized on the Council’s website (with hyperlink, QR code and social media links)
  • The corporate name and the corporate logo can be featured in publicity, including the region’s newspapers and journals, publications and at speaker events
  • The corporation can be recognized and thanked from the podium
  • Corporate rising stars can participate in an acclaimed leadership program
  • Employees also can access the unique Travel opportunities the Council provides