The Satell Institute is an independent, nonprofit, research and action organization – a transformational Think Tank dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

  • University Affiliates:
  • The University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy & Practice
  • The University of Connecticut School of Business
  • Founding
    Corporate Affiliates:
  • The Satell Institute is proud to showcase our Founding Corporate Affiliates, companies who have dedicated a minimum of $25,000 each year for four years to support a specific project with a high quality nonprofit. The range of companies, nonprofits and projects is impressive, touching many areas that benefit the Greater Good.

By any name—corporate citizenship, business ethics, corporate responsibility, civic business engagement, altruistic investment—Corporate Social Responsibility is based on a win– win premise that as a general proposition, it is in a for-profit corporation's self-interest to support community activities or initiatives that enhance the vitality of the community, and its own priorities. Our think tank is a leading resource on CSR in the academic model of scholarly research and opinion merged with business know-how and understanding. Our Do Tank offers a CSR structure for corporations, and also for nonprofits—proven models for community building. CSR is designed to help companies find projects with measurable impact on the region's livability and vitality.

CSR can’t be static, because community building is multi-pronged and dynamic. We assist companies in actively engaging with nonprofits whose mission and activities fit the company’s goals. It sounds simple, but what a challenge. Partnering with the best nonprofit to improve lives, enhance the community, build for the future… that’s CSR engagement. Our DO Tank has one mission – to link business and nonprofits with tested, proven strategies and innovative solutions to real common goals.
Knowledge counts. Inspiration counts. Actions count. In the end success is measured by impact. CSR, done well, has the potential for extraordinary impact, accomplishing the vital tasks that government just can’t fund, and nonprofits understand are life-changing. Business has the expertise and resources to impact the conversation on improving communities—for the greater good.

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